Moving – Day 1

November 30, 2015

Well it’s moving day and the moving truck was supposed to be here first thing this morning.  It was late and then because the truckDSCN1892 had bad tires and only 3 chains they couldn’t make it up the snow covered road to our home.  My husband, Ted, had to pull the truck up the hill with our Lincoln Navigator (thank goodness for his years of 4wheeling experience and his equipment).  They didn’t get started loading until
2PM and they had to quit at 5PM when it got dark.

My home is now all packed in boxes.  What an ordeal that was.

It was physically more draining than I would have thought – all the bending and lifting but also the fact that I’ve spent more time sitting on the floor then I have for probably 20 years.

It was also very emotional.  I have way more stuff than I need.  Some of it is from my parent’s home (they both passed away just a couple of years ago and I haven’t yet finished sorting through all of it).  Some of it is due to the fact that a year ago when we couldn’t afford both mortgages we sold our main home and we combined things from there in to what Was our vacation home (which was already fairly completely furnished since we had bought new things for it in the excitement of getting our long dreamed of mountain getaway).  There was also a huge amount of stuff, both inventory and office stuff, for both my pet business and my husband’s Snap-On franchise.  But there is also just the huge quantity of stuff that we accumulate through life.  The bigger the house the more stuff we acquire to fill it.  And I’ve realized as I went through what was harder than I want to admit, I have a tendency to hold on way too tight to Things.

It’s one thing to hold on to at least a few items that have significant sentimental value – things that make you smile when you look at them because they bring back good memories.  But that’s not what my issue is.  It’s the money. OK that was hard to admit but it’s true.  Both my husband and I started life in poor to low-middle class families where finances were almost always tight and we both often did without.  Both before we met, but definitely during our more than 20 years together, we’ve both worked our tails off to make good money so we could enjoy some of “the finer things.”  Unfortunately we’ve never been well enough off to have Really nice things and have fallen into the trap of just having Lots of things.  When you have money in your pocket it’s just too easy to buy that something new that catches your eye.  After all I work hard so I should be able to have the things I want, right?  But do 2 people really need 5 TV’s?  And unfortunately, these types of things don’t hold there value either.  We sold furniture for about 10 cents on a dollar.  We gave things to friends.  We hauled 3 full SUV loads to charity.  And with much of this stuff it hurt to part with it because I realized what it cost in time and effort to get it.

I will never be a true minimalist as I do love to have things around that can bring a smile to my face with just a glance, and darn it I simply enjoy pretty things.  But enough is enough.  Not only will there be more loads going to charity as I unpack in Maine but we’ve decided to go on a spending freeze. The best way to not have to hurt when I get rid of things that I purchased is to have not purchased so many things in the first place.  So since we’re in “change mode” I’m going to try something I read about years ago.  I will not purchase any Thing with limited exceptions.  If the water heater goes out that gets replaced as it’s pretty essential.  When we buy a new home next year (once our Colorado home sells), if it needs basic repairs like replacing old carpet, we’ll do that before moving in if we have the funds.  But no new clothes; no handy dandy kitchen gadgets; no latest and greatest electronics.  I’ll post updates on our spending freeze in this blog as well to let you know how it goes.


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