Moving – Day 2

December 1, 2015

The moving fiasco continues.  The moving company left the partially loaded trailer in front of our house but drove back to Denver in the truck.  So they had to drive over 2 hours back up the hill this morning.  And once again the truck can’t get up the
StuckTruckone section of road leading to our home due to icy road conditions.  In the attempt to get up the road the truck actually slid off the road and down the hillside and into a neighbors yard.  So SlipperySlopethe loading got started late yet again.  On top of that they had 4 men working the first day but only brought two today.  With the late start and the slow progress due to the altitude and cold taking its toll on them, progress was slow.

We were supposed to be loaded and on the road by late afternoon today, but by 5PM they still had hours of work left to go so we were stuck spending another night.  Luckily they hadn’t loaded our bed so we had someplace to sleep.  We had to make several trips back and forth between our old motorhome and the house to bring in bedding and towels and stuff and ended up eating hotdogs and mac and cheese for dinner.

Both my husband and I are really frustrated with the moving company.  They are based in Denver so should know what the conditions are like up here in the mountains.  To send an inexperienced driver in a truck with bad tires and not enough chains is irresponsible at best and could actually be dangerous.  And with the difficulty they’ve had just getting up the road to the house I was up half the night worried about them getting our stuff to us safely and not having it slide over a cliff going over the pass.  I can’t wait till we get to our new home with our stuff and cars safely back in our possession, even with the need to unpack all those boxes.


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