Moving – Day 3

December 2, 2015

Today the moving company finally got it together.  The driver and 2 crew spent the night in a hotel in a nearby town rather than driving the 2 hours all the way back to Denver.  Sounded like a good idea to us – too bad the driver didn’t plan ahead regarding keeping the truck warm.  It was about Zero degrees last night and this morning the truck wouldn’t start.  But yesterday the moving company made the mistake of calling my husband to ask how satisfied he was with their service – and he let them have it.  So this morning two more workers were dispatched early to head up to help – good thing as they were able to pick up the originally two who were stranded at the hotel.  By the end of the day two more, making a total of six loaders, were hustling around.  Some of that hustle in my opinion was due to what we believe was the owner showing up and chewing several people out.  Ted and I did a bit of our own chewing out.  For example after I mopped a bathroom floor for the third time and picked up soda cans from the fireplace hearth after most of the guys had left for the day.

We were finally ready to pull out around 4:3o.  We stopped to take some pictures and say goodbye to our beautiful home.  While the building itself is just a house it meant so much to both of us, but especially my husband.  Ted was born in Denver but had to move to California with his family in his teens.  Even before we married we were talking about moving out of California and Ted was ecstatic to finally be getting back to Colorado.  The Denver area has been our home for over 20 years.  We are comfortable there.  We have friends there.  We love the DSCN1906beautiful mountains, the colorful aspens in the Fall, and the snow covered pine trees in the Winter.  It’s been Ted’s dream since he was a child to live in the mountains and we were both thrilled when we were able to buy a home in Grand Lake with aspen and pine and gorgeous views of mountains and lakes to boot. It hurt a great deal, and yes the tears flowed for both of us, as we took one last look at the life we are leaving.

DSCN1904But Ted and I and our 3 fuzzy children loaded in to our old motorhome and hit the road.  Since neither of us thought we’d be able to sleep with emotions running so high, we drove until nearly midnight.  We finally crashed in a rest area just over the Kansas state line.  So Colorado is no longer home for us and all we can do is to move forward.

Tomorrow we will hit the road heading East; heading to Ted’s new route and the hopefully good income that will provide; heading to new experiences, new friends and a new life.


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