Moving – Day 4

December 3, 2015

We’re not in Colorado any more – this is Kansas.

We spend the night in a rest area. Between sleeping in an RV bed and the aches of days of packing and loading, neither of us slept very well.  We hit the road again by 8AM.  While way flatter then Colorado it’s not actually as flat as I expected.  There are definitely a lot of wide open spaces here with scattered farms and little towns along the highway.  We’re taking our
time, making sure we stop every couple of hours to let the puppies out and so we can all stretch our legs and get some fresh air.  While I loved our snowy mountain home, after the last couple of days with highs in the teens the 40-50 degree sunshine sure feels good.  We’ve got an audio book going to help pass the time and to be honest to help keep the mind busy and off what we’ve left behind.

IMGP2147With over 2000 miles to cover of course we still have to end up going through rush hour traffic.  We passed through Kansas City at about 5PM and got a quick reminder of why we picked rural Maine as our new home.  By the end of the day Kansas was behind us and we’re spending the night in a Walmart parking lot in Boonville, Missouri.  It seems like a nice little town even though its name is way to close to “the boondocks” for me not to joke about it.


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