The Big Decision

October 2015

It’s a long story as to how we got to this point, but due to some events beyond our control, some choices we made, and I can’t help but feel a pretty good dose of bad luck, we arrived at a point where we made the decision to move from our beautiful mountain home in Colorado and relocate to Maine.

While I know that many people move across country every day and many of those are like us in that it’s not really a choice they Want to make but Have to make, it’s been really hard dealing with this situation.
CabinInSnowSince he was a kid, it was my husband’s dream to live in the mountains in Colorado.  And while we are happy to have achieved this, we were only able to enjoy it for a very short time, and much of that time we spent working long hours and really didn’t get to enjoy it to its fullest.

We’ve only spent a couple of short days in Maine checking out the available sales route for Ted but what we’ve seen is very pretty and quite eclectic in both natural scenery but also the urban/rural mix which should suit us quite well.  Everyone we met while there was friendly and we look forward to making new friends.

I keep reminding myself that with every Ending there is a Beginning and while the unknown is scary it’s also an adventure.  This blog is intended to document that adventure.  There will be difficulties and frustrations but by posting pictures here regularly (want to aim for daily but won’t make any promises) I hope to concentrate on the joys and beauty of Maine and our new home there while sharing a bit of Maine with those who don’t know the area well.


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