Moving – Day 5

December 4, 2015

More driving.  We traversed Missouri, cut across the southern end of Illinois, saw just the tip of southern Indiana, and headed into Kentucky – all before dinner.   This isn’t a vacation – it’s a relocation and we have to beat the truck IMGP2150with our furniture to Maine.  But it is a bit frustrating to be driving through so many places we’ve never seen without having the time to stop and explore.  We did at least get to see the St Louis arch if only for a couple of minutes from the freeway as we drove by.  Looked cool and I hope some day we can go back and check it out.

After a bit over 2 days on the road we’ve seen several large cities, a great many small towns, a ton of small farms and open areas and a variety of landscapes.  Many say that the world seems like it’s getting smaller because it’s so much easier to travel large distances than it ever was before. However, I think for most people it’s still pretty darn large.

So many of us see such a tiny piece of our own country, let alone other countries.  And when we do travel it’s actually pretty superficial – we travel to a destination, stay a short time seeing a few attractions, doing some sightseeing, take a bit of time to relax and then head home.  And many people don’t even get to experience that often or maybe not at all.  Our world is the area around us – maybe a couple dozen square miles.  I know when I lived in southern California as a child I really didn’t realize what a huge portion of my own country was pretty rural.  But at the same time it’s all pretty similar too.  The work we do during the day may vary from working in a factory or office for city dwellers to milking cows, fishing, cutting timber or plowing fields for others but at the end of the day we all live day by day.  We work to survive, try to enjoy life as much as we can but we all have a limited time and never know when that time will be at an end.  No matter how well traveled you are you still will only experience a tiny fraction of what our world has to offer and I think that is sad.  So while leaving our home has been difficult I do consider myself lucky.  I’ve already lived in two distinct places and Maine will now be a third.  I look forward to seeing how a different environment effects my life and how I live it.  I look forward to trying new activities and experiences.


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