Moving – Day 6

December 5, 2015

Are we there yet???  We’ve been driving long enough that the thrill is gone and we’re too far from our new home to be excited yet.  Nights spent in Walmart parking lots or truck stops, meals of ham and more ham as that’s what we bought that would fit in the fridge, hours of landscapes that are all looking the same at this point are all getting tedious.  The motorhome has been a lot better way to travel than by car, especially with the dogsPuppyPileCropped and Ted’s gluten free eating requirements.  It hasn’t been perfect of course.  Since we just got it a week before we left our packing left something to be desired.  And the water heater isn’t working so today we ended up paying $13 to take a shower at a truck stop.  Lots of hot water but not exactly luxurious.

Today we traveled through parts of West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania then skirted around New York, NY, paid a $15 toll just to cross a bridge and ended up in New Haven, Connecticut.  This leaves us about 5 1/2 hours to cover tomorrow.  We’ve covered almost 2000 miles so far – the longest drive Ted has even taken.  I’ve been on longer.    In my early teens I was dragged by my parents on a trip driving from southern California to Alaska, with only a short stint on a ferry around Canada.  We spent hours driving in a pickup towing an 18′ trailer every day stopping in campgrounds each night that had nothing to interest a teenager.  That trip is one of the reasons I’ve been opposed to having an RV for years and this trip has reinforced the feeling that traveling in an RV is Not a vacation – it’s traveling.  A vacation is what you do at one or more places that aren’t your home and that don’t include the same chores you would do at home.  But we bought the motorhome as a traveling method to get us to weekend getaways and based on the last couple of days it will do a really good job of that.


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