Controlled Chaos

December 7, 2015

We arrived in Maine yesterday and after checking out the house we are renting and getting some dinner we crashed for the night in the motorhome.  The only advantage to having a ton of Stuff is that we filled the entire moving truck so rather than stopping to pick up or drop off someone else’s stuff the truck drove straight here.  They arrived at 8:30 this morning (I was still getting dressed and never did get any breakfast).

IMGP2223I came up with this wild tracking system for all our boxes.  Every box got a letter and a number.  The letter relates to a major category of stuff, such as kitchen or holiday items, but it also controlled where the box was to be put by the moving crew.  I wrote the letter (K for kitchen, H for holiday, M for master bedroom, etc) on a sheet of paper and taped it to the door or in the room to indicate which lettered boxes should be placed there.  I also put a sheet with all the upstairs letters on the banister at the bottom of the stairs.  These then, in effect, became the names of the rooms so that as the furniture was unloaded all I had to do was tell the movers to put it in the W or C or M room.  The movers said they loved it as it made their job much easier.

The numbers are for us for unpacking or Not unpacking as may be desired.IMGP2224  As we packed each box we kept notes of what went in to each box and then I entered all this in to a spreadsheet program.  Since we are moving again in just 6 – 9 months I’m not going to unpack a lot of things I would rather do without rather than repack.  And with the work it was to pack I’m willing to Do Without a whole lot of stuff to keep the re-packing to a minimum.  But the list also helps to determine which boxes to unpack first or if I need something specific I can search for it and then go straight to the right box.  This may come in really handy as the months go by and I realize that I could use something that is still packed.

Unloading definitely went quicker than loading but it was still an exhausting day and I felt like I’d been hit by the truck by the time we were done.  Luckily I had thought ahead and had a set of clean sheets stashed in the motorhome so we made the bed and were able to sleep in a real bed for the night.


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