Progress Feels Good

December 9, 2015

Well I haven’t seen much of Maine so far but I can see my kitchen counters which is probably more important right now.  I spent most of the day working on the kitchen.  I unpacked boxes and arranged and rearranged cupboards and drawers.  The only reason I’m done is that I sent  about a half dozen boxes to the garage to be stored.  I don’t need my big serving platters or the ice cream maker any time soon.  I even pulled just 2 of a couple of different sized glasses out of one box and then taped it back up.  It’s only Ted and I and we really don’t need a couple dozen glasses.  If we do happen to get company I can search my box list for the box number that has glasses and have Ted go pull the box down.

I still need to do quite a bit of thinning in the kitchen and throughout the house but for now I have what I think I’ll need put away.  I’m actually hoping that I’ll be way more comfortable getting rid of a lot of stuff after we move this summer having gotten through months and months without it.



2 thoughts on “Progress Feels Good

    1. It’s feeling a bit less out of control but it still feels like living in a B&B. Partly that’s because we’re not settled in and partly because this place seems to have been put together like a hotel – things were done that look good in a picture (fancy double mirrors in the bathroom) but that aren’t live in friendly (they’re just mirrors and not cabinets to actually store things in). Can’t wait to get our own place even though that means moving again.


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