Ted’s Officially a Snap-On Franchise Owner Again

December 10, 2015

Today Ted signed the docs to purchase his new Snap-On Tools franchise.  His new route is the whole reason we moved to Maine so this was a big milestone.

DriveInRainIt was a long day – an 8 hour round trip drive down to the Boston area in the rain this morning and the thick fog coming back this evening.  We left at about 7 this morning and didn’t get home until after 8PM and hadn’t even had dinner yet.  It probably did us both some good to take a day SOCheckSignoff from unpacking but an entire day spent just to sign some paperwork was a bit frustrating.  We did get to talk with a couple of the Snap-On corporate employees he’ll be working with closely once he starts his route so that was good.

We were hoping that he wouldn’t start work until after the 1st of the year but it looks like the Snap-On guys have other plans.  We knew that Ted would be leaving this Saturday morning for a week for training.  After that we were hoping to have some significant time to get settled in and be able to enjoy the holidays. However, his truck is supposed to arrive Monday the 21st and his Snap-On trainer is planning to spend Monday to Wednesday with Ted setting up the inventory in the truck.  They then want him to start his route Monday the 28th.  While we understand that they are anxious to get him started since the route has been empty for over a year already, for us a couple of days one way or another just wasn’t as important as having some quality time together.  We don’t want to push back too much but I’m hoping we can find some compromise because I really don’t want to be stuck at home alone so much these first weeks here.

I know that I can plug any address in to my in car’s GPS and get to a store and back home again.  But I have to admit that in general I feel a bit Lost right now.  This isn’t the home I’m used to.  I don’t have any friends nearby to hang out with.  I’m not throwing or going to any holiday parties.  I don’t even know where to go to sit and enjoy the scenery.  I’m great at planning full vacations including excursions and activities but I’m having trouble translating that to learning my way around here, and a tropical tourist destination this is not.  Well tomorrow we have a couple more things to handle before Ted heads off to class but Saturday I’m just going to drop Ted at the airport and then head toward the coast and see what I can find.