Health insurance premiums make me ill

No matter your general political beliefs or specific opinion on Obamacare buying insurance is always a pain.  Since the deadline for January 2016 coverage is Tuesday the 15th, I spent most of the day getting logged in IMGP2239to the insurance marketplace and then comparing a wide range of plans.  Low deductible – high premiums; higher deductible – lower premiums; plus a variety of co-pay percentages after deductible.  Then do you assume perfect health or plan for the worst and look at the combination of premium and possible out of pocket expenses for a major illness or injury?

I know a lot of people benefited from the changes to health insurance but I have to admit that I don’t see it that way.  With premiums for 2 people in middle age who don’t smoke or drink and have no major health conditions, such as heart disease, as high as the mortgage on our Colorado home I’m actually a bit nauseous over the whole thing.  And the only way to get the premium down from mortgage range to say car payment range is to take a deductible of $5,000, $10,000 or even higher.  While having to come up with that much cash wouldn’t bankrupt my husband and I, not all middle class families can say that.

After a couple of hours of analysis I think I’ve made a decision and tomorrow I’ll complete the application before the deadline. Then I can go back to unpacking which is a least more fun then shopping for insurance.


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