A Few Minutes of Quiet Solitude

The sun was actually shining this morning like the weather forecast had predicted.  So I decided to get out of the house for a bit and check out the first local park/hiking trail on the list I made from an internet search.  I went to Fields Pond Audubon Center.  It’s not much to look at this time of year but it is about 200 acres of open space in the midst of a residential, if somewhat rural, area.  I didn’t go very far as I realized that I was there alone and no one even knew where I was at.  I had a jacket but I had left my gloves behind on accident and by the time I got there the sun was IMGP2252already behind the ever increasing clouds.  Besides, the puppies were confined to their small pen and I didn’t want to leave them for too long.  I wandered down one of the main trails just to the creek where I enjoyed the comforting sound of running water for a bit before heading back to the car and home.

Aside from the mix of deciduous trees in with the evergreens, once on the trail it wasn’t that different from trails in Colorado.  OK, it was pretty much flat where most trails in Colorado are Not.  It was also deserted.  I realize it was a weekday and the visitor center wasn’t even open,IMGP2247 but I don’t think I ever remember going to any kind of open space in Colorado and being Completely alone.  It’s great that with a 10 mile drive or so you can find a pocket of solitude in the suburbs of one of the largest cities in the state (ok at only 37,000 residents it’s not very large compared to Denver with 650,000 people).  I’ll check out more of the open spaces in the days and weeks to come and will return to the Audubon Center a bit more prepared next time so I can actually hike (or maybe snowshoe) a couple of the trails.


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