Shrouded in Fog

But Mom it’s WET outside

I only made it as far as the backyard today.  I woke up a bit achy and the grey weather has gotten to me already.  Even the dogs don’t seem to want to go out as much as they usually do and often turn and head back in without my coaxing.

And it was a mood swinging day – from crying to laughing and back again.  I cleaned out my email including stuff related to the store and hurt over the failure that caused the loss of our home.  I read some other blogs and smiled and even laughed at the cute pictures and stories, including one from a lady who now lives an hour and a half south of me on the coast.  It was too quiet in the house so I turned on Pandora and ended up crying over Christmas music because of oh so many reasons.  Ted gets home late tomorrow night and it will be great to have him home for many reasons too.  With his help we should be able to finish putting the house into reasonable order in just a day or so.  He starts working on his truck as soon as it arrives and we have other things to handle in the meantime which gives me something to focus on.  The weather is supposed to be cold but sunny on Sunday and Ted promised to take me to the beach.

But I’m working on finding beauty even in the gloomy weather.  The mist and fog are not what I’m used to but standing on the deck watching the dogs I looked across my and my neighbor’s yard to a stand of trees.  Shrouded in fog they were almost other-worldy.  My photo above doesn’t do them justice but I’m going to get lots of practice according to the weather forecast.  The mist gives the world depth and I’m going to work on finding the tranquility in it rather than just the grayness.  I miss my panoramic views of snow covered mountains but there is beauty in all kinds of landscapes.  A friend told me just recently that she actually likes the wide open spaces of Kansas and my mother used to love the ruggedness of the dessert.  Being in a completely new place will give me a chance to learn to love a whole lot of new landscapes.


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