A new piece of our life begins

Ted’s Snap-On truck arrived Monday.  IMGP2273He has spent the last 3 days unpacking tools, inventorying tools and putting tools away.  I’ve spent the last 3 days researching DOT regulations on commercial vehicles, chasing to the bank, the grocery store and the cable company for a replacement modem and keeping everyone fed.

Ted’s Snap-On trainer and field rep had planned on having Ted start his route this coming Monday but we still have a ton of both personal and business things to handle.  So I’m thinking he might get a half a day in or so next week but that’s about it.  We came all this way for him to get a new Snap-On route but a couple days sooner or later won’t make that much difference and I’ll feel so much better if we get some of our stuff handled.

IMGP2275I’m so glad that Ted generally enjoys his work because it’s still a business with lots of work and long hours.  In the past our lives have revolved around work – both Ted’s and mine.  I adamantly hope that we can find a better work/life balance this time.  Some things are inevitable – Snap-On logo’d items all over,  learning more about tools than any girl should ever know, and my car loosing its spot in the garage.  But darn it, this time we’re spending enough time enjoying life so that I don’t forget why we’re working so hard.


One thought on “A new piece of our life begins

  1. It has been a crazy few weeks for us here no doubt, I give my beautiful wife credit for holding in there strong and helping me get everything done that needs to be done. We have new laws to learn as well as tax codes and even the way of life here is so different than what we are used to.


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