New Christmas Traditions?

This year I was more likely to say Bah Humbug then Happy Holidays.  With little to no family left for either the hubby or I, all our friends thousands of miles away and no time or desire to unpack any more boxes to try to decorate a house that isn’t even fully organized yet, I haven’t had much holiday spirit this year.

The entire holiday season (Thanksgiving through New Years) has been a love / hate relationship for me for years.  I love the decorations and the lights and the general concepts of gathering with family and friends and the giving of gifts.  I don’t like the commercialism and the pressure to buy stuff that no one needs because you “just have to get something for Aunt Edna”.  I don’t like the constant “perfect family” in commercials and holiday specials that no one’s family that I know can really live up to, especially not mine or my husband’s.  And this year I’ve really hated the feeling of being left out – of knowing that everyone else is having a blast shopping and going to parties and hanging with family and friends and all I’ve been doing is unpacking and helping my husband get ready to start a new job.  The holiday has been more of an inconvenience than anything with stuff closed – like the government office that was closed when we went to get new drivers’ licenses yesterday.

So today we tried to concentrate on what the holiday does give us – a day off together.  We slept in.  DSCN1982Then with a hint on sunshine out we headed to Bangor City Forest.  It’s a chunk of “working forest” (whatever that means) owned by the city but with public trails running through it.  While it seems strange to me to call it a City Forest when the entire New England area seems like one giant forest from what I’ve seen so far, it is DSCN1983nice to have a little chunk set aside for public use.  We only hiked in just over a half mile (so just over a mile round trip).  Ted’s knee is bothering him and my feet have been giving me trouble so we want to start slowly.  The good thing is that now that we’ve found a spot not too far from home we’ll just keep using the distance.  And once we have some decent snow we can switch over to snow-shoes.  And then after dinner we went to the movies.  We saw the new Star Wars movie which wasn’t bad but of all the movies that Should have included the words “To Be Continued” at the end this one takes the cake.  But maybe that’s appropriate for tonight too – because at the end of the day… Life is To Be Continued tomorrow.


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