On the Road Again

On the road again – Ted’s so happy to be on the road again.  IMGP2288Ted started his new Snap-On route this morning.  It seemed pretty silly to me to have him start today just so he could run a half day in 2015 but I’m guessing that someone’s bonus was tied to him starting this year rather than next so I decided to not fight it.  And a half day was a good way for him to start I guess as it gave him a chance to work out a few kinks (like that fact that we forgot to order deposit slips).

IMGP2293After days spent checking in inventory, setting up displays in the truck and printing flyers to handout, he finally saw his first Maine customers today.  Everyone was really friendly – a few even teased him.  The fact that we’re not from Maine originally wasn’t important – they were just excited to have someone running the route that wasn’t going to be leaving any time soon.  He only hit a couple of stops and only sold 2 items today but several people are already writing up their wish lists (sort of like letters to Santa for adults).  The move out here cost us a great deal, both financially and emotionally, and much of the decision was based on finding a route that should perform well.  If Ted does as well as some of the other dealers in the area we should not only live comfortably but actually put money aside to at least Semi retire some day.

Didn’t stay clean very long

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