It’s another new year so it’s that time again – time for so many people to make their annual New Year’s Resolutions.  Yes some of these actually get accomplished but so many of them fall by the way side in a matter of weeks, if not days (hours, minutes?).  But by reading a fellow blogger’s resolutions  I realized a blog on resolutions doesn’t have to be boring, so below is my 2 cents on New Year’s Resolutions.

A resolution is defined as a statement of intended action; a determination to follow a course of action.  For example a resolution might be – I’m going to walk the dogs every day.  This is really nothing more than a list of things to do.  Ugh, I already have plenty of these and it doesn’t seem to me to be a great way to start a new year.  

A goal on the other hand is a result or achievement that effort is directed toward.  A goal is results oriented – it focuses your effort toward achieving something rather than just the action or work to be done.  So a goal might be – I’m going to get in shape this year.  Now I know I thrive on achievements so if I’m going to hop on the New Year’s bandwagon, this is a far better approach for me.

Neither by itself though will get you far, but put the 2 together and you have a good start.  But a goal with a full plan of action is even better.

I’m going to get in good enough physical condition to be able to hike 10 miles by walking the dogs daily, doing yoga at least once a week and by taking the boat out twice a month this summer and using both the peddles and the oars for 20 minutes each.sailing1

OK that’s one (or the basics of it anyway).  Another is – I want to get back to the happy person my husband fell in love with (the one who hasn’t been seen much in the past few years due first to working too much and playing too little, then to the heartbreak of a lost job, the stress of a sick husband, the failure of a new business, then a move cross country that while promising still wasn’t completely by choice, and now the stress of settling in where I don’t know my way around and everyone I care about is thousands of miles away).  I’m going to do this by making a list of all the things that I love, that make me happy, that are happy memories, so I can fill my thoughts with positive images as often as possible by looking at my list (which I may well stick parts of all over the house for a while at least- and Yes obviously it will make it into a blog entry).  I’m going to continue posting to this blog with pictures and thoughts with the self imposed rule that every post has to have at least 1 happy moment or positive thought for the future.  I’ll continue to expand on the specific steps over the coming weeks, maybe with things like spending time each week doing something fun like coloring or getting out and meeting people by joining meet-up groups.  It’s been a rough few years so it’s darn time I got my life back on track with a better work/life balance and more joy and happiness for myself, Ted and others I can share it with.IMGP2380Bright

Whoa that was a mouthful, but you get the point.  So for conciseness I guess I’ll fall in line and do this Resolution List style after all.  So here it is – my list for 2016:

  1. Work on being happier – this one seems like a no-brainer but some of us actually need to put some effort in to it at some points in our lives
  2. Get in shape – and no Round doesn’t count.
  3. Get to a point WelcomeToMaineSuperCroppedwhere I can call Maine home – this is highly dependent on selling our place in Colorado and buying a home here so it’s a bit out of my control on the timing as it won’t feel like home to me while I’m still RENTING.
  4. Get Pawmazing Pets website launched and making sales – even a few will count for now – next year I’ll reach for the sky.
  5. Help Ted start and stabilize his new Snap-On route – including setting up his new truck when it arrives this spring (ugh more loading and unloading) and doing what I can to help him reach his own sales goals.
  6. Get the darn paperwork in this office under control one way or another (preferably before the other way includes matches).
  7. Get the clutter in the entire house under control – this may happen when we move into our own home because if I didn’t need it for 6-9 months there’s a good chance I don’t need it at all and the fewer boring brown cardboard boxes I have to deal with the better.

Some of these will take all year and some will take more than 1 year but as long as I make good strides on them it will be a productive year.  The attainment or at least significantly progress on these will go a long way in increasing my Happiness levels and in so many ways that’s what life is all about.

Did you make New Year’s Resolutions this year?  Please share one in a comment or tell us what you do instead of resolutions.

Happy 2016 everyone.


4 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. Resolutions can be fun but I enjoy making mine hard to achieve. From the sounds of the year you’ve had you’re half-way there already. My old boss always said “Plan your work then work your Plan.” Have fun working yours. Make it a fun 2016.


  2. Love this blog. My resolution for 2016, or goal as you pointed out, is to spend more time with my children and grandchildren. To enjoy the little moments with my husband and to not take them for granted. That whole get in a shape that’s not round is still on the list too.


  3. Thank you and your welcome 🙂 I’ve been spending a lot of time house hunting. Really hoping we can find something and get settled soon. But having just re-read my own post I realized I’ve been neglecting certain things I really wanted to work on so time to refocus.


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