When I started this blog the idea was to get out and take a photo pretty much every day and then share it and info about Maine.  I still want to do that but it’s a lot farther to the kind of places I want to go for pictures and being winter in Maine it’s Darn Cold out there.  I recently stumbled on a WordPress weekly photo challenge where each week they post up a challenge topic like Trio, Ornate or Oops (3 weekly topics so far this year).  I realized that I could use these weekly challenges around the house, therefore staying warm, but also giving me a chance to practice with my cameras (like using different settings) and also trying some different types of photos rather than just landscapes and wildlife like I usually do most of.

This weeks photo challenge is Circle.  So I grabbed my little Pentax point and shoot and started wandering around the house and discovered that Hey there’s all kinds of things to take pictures of inside, especially in an old house like this one.  This is a close up of a section of the stairway banister.


Most people only post a single picture for the challenge but I actually had a blast wandering through the house looking for circles and just couldn’t resist posted up more than one.  The photo at the top ended up being my IMGP2423favorite and the flameless candles in the photo are one of my favorite things.  I love the flicker of candle light but hate the smoke and with 3 little dogs and a husband open flames really aren’t a good idea.  But these little guys actually flicker and they have a remote that turns them all off and on at the click of a button.

I also want to try doing some close-up photography.  This is a super close-up of something I’m all too familiar with recently.  Can you guess before scrolling down?


IMGP2405Most people call it bubble wrap, but the hubby and I call it “poppy paper” because neither of us can usually resist popping at least a little of it.  Super Macro is one of the features on this little camera that I really want to play with more.

Below are a couple more just for fun.



Add a comment and tell me which one you like best.


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