We won PowerBall

Yeah it’s true – we won – a whole 8 bucks.  But it was fun dreaming for a week about all the fun, and a few crazy, things we could do with all that money.  So now that the biggest PowerBall ever has been won – and it wasn’t by us – I thought it would be fun to share some of the daydreams.

It’s a cliche but I’d love to travel.   The list of other places I’d like to visit and experience is lengthy.  I’d love to learn to scuba-dive and then see some of the best diving spots, like Malaysia, Belize, Fiji and Australia.  In order to get certified as a diver I’ll have to conquer my mild but critical claustrophobia.  I managed to stay about 15 feet down on a Snuba excursion in the Caribbean a couple of years ago so I know if I really put my mind to it and put in the time to build up a comfort level I could do it.  I managed to swim with sharks on another recent trip so I know what a trill it is to conquer fears and that it can be an even more memorable part of a trip then all the pretty sights.

I’d also love to experience different cultures.   I might be having a hard time adjusting to Maine as a new home but it seems like a great place to visit. The coast


3 thoughts on “We won PowerBall

  1. Like you said, it is fun to dream about winning the lottery. One of my ideas is to buy a house in the Caribbean, complete with a caretaker, and invite my friends and family to use it any time they want and I’d pay for their transportation to get there. Everyone needs some time on the beach!


  2. Great ideas Dolly. I’m with you in the travel and experiencing the different cultures around the world. The first thing I would have done would have been toake sure my children and grandchildren would be taken care of long after I am gone. Of course the dream house tops the list. A custom log cabin with all the room we need for friends and family. Along with all the fun stuff for the chillies and chilliettes. It’s fun to dream. It makes reality just a little less burdensome.


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