The Beauty in the Flake

I really love to watch it snow – preferably from a warm home, with a lap full of puppies and a cup of hot chocolate – but most often I’ll take what I can get.  Watching the pretty white flakes drift through the air or blow sideways in waves gives the world a sense of depth that I sometimes loose being cooped up inside too much.

But I also love to watch it collect on the ground and foliage.  The wind blows it around making paintings on the deck, especially when seen from a distance.


But get a bit closer and sometimes it just looks like a mess.


But get even closer…


Or even CLOSER..


And suddenly the beauty of the details inside the chaos start to become clear.  They’re all intricate and feathery and such a beautiful thing to look at if only for a moment before they either melt or get lost in the masses.

The intricacy of the individual flakes is incredible.  And then I start to think about the number of flakes in just this tiny space and then look out across the yard – oh my.  The trick I think is to find the right perspective for any given situation.  Sometimes we look to0 close and get lost in the details and don’t see the big picture.  Other times we focus too much on a big chunk of life and maybe on how rough things have been in general and forget to look at the little things – the simple small joys that are there if we just look.

This post was done for a weekly photo challenge called  Tuesdays of Texture.  I think being conscious of my perspective will be good for me right now as I find me feet in my new home so I’m going to add this photo challenge to my blog – probably not every week but as often as I can.  The little compact Pentax I often carry with me has a SuperMacro setting that I’ve been playing with and want to really get good at.  For example,  I couldn’t hold the camera steady enough to get a better shot of the snow – the cold probably didn’t help either – but when you’re only an inch away from something ANY movement seems huge in perspective and blurs the photo.  But I just remembered that I have a cute little tripod that should work great for closeups like this.  I know it’s in one of these darn boxes – I just have to find it.

Change your perspective on something today and see what you see – and feel free to share it in the comments.


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