When it’s cold – Plan a vacation

One of our best vacations ever was our trip to BoraBora for our 20th anniversary.  Yeah it was great you say, it was BoraBora after all – and you’re right.  But it was also special because it was our anniversary and a 20 year happy marriage deserved to be celebrated.


It’s cold here – noticeably colder than what we were used to in Colorado.  And it’s been a bit tough on me partly because I’m apparently not the only one who doesn’t like the cold. So far I haven’t had a great deal of luck finding things going on.  And someone told me that many people do “hunker down” for the winter.

This week’s photo challenge is “Optimistic” and right now I do really need to concentrate on things I’m optimistic about.  I’m optimistic that the cold will end and that it will be as beautiful here in Maine this spring as everyone keeps telling me.  I hope you all are looking as forward to seeing all the photos I plan to post as I am in getting out and taking them.

But I’m also optimistic about our future.  We moved here mainly as a financial decision – with the intention of working hard so we could once again enjoy things like vacations and so we had some hope of one day being able to retire.  Ted is only 3 weeks in on his new route and had a great week last week – hopefully the first of many.  While many of his customers aren’t happy they went without a Snap-On dealer for over a year (some a Lot longer) they have almost all been pleasant and just happy to see him.  So with a good start to the business my DH just couldn’t help himself but start looking at possibly trips for our 25th anniversary (even though it’s almost 3 years away still).  I’m optimistic that we will plan and enjoy a great trip.  And thinking about the next trip had me digging through the pictures of our BoraBora trip.  Ok I feel a bit warmer already.

So when it’s cold outside remember times of joy and think optimistically about the future.  The sun will shine again.


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