The Sound of Ice

Maine has a lot of rivers – a lot of really big rivers.  Since the Continental Divide runs through Colorado, I’m used to being at the beginning of rivers rather than near the end.  Rivers here are blocks wide and are spanned by some pretty cool bridges.


Since the rivers are pretty slow moving here they freeze over pretty easily.  But with the mild winter we’re having here this year, they apparently also unfreeze pretty easily.  While running errands a couple of weeks ago I noticed that broken ice was floating down the river.  I pulled into a restaurant parking lot and walked down along the river.  Not only were there these really cool chunks of ice but they made this really cool sound as they floated by.  It was like being in a documentary.


Too bad it was so cold that day because I could have stood there a lot longer fascinated by the movement and sound of the ice.  The sunset reflecting off it wasn’t bad either.

Posted as part of Tuesdays of Texture.


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