Cold Heart for Warm Love

The Other Half and I don’t usually do anything for “made up” holidays like Valentine’s Day, preferring to buy gifts and show each other how much we care on our schedule and in our own ways.  But being in a new place I wanted to do a little something to show the hubby how much I love him.  However we’re on a “spending freeze” and silly little typical Valentine gifts don’t suit him anyway.

It wasn’t planned but a couple days ago I decided to get some exercise before the next snow storm came through.  I walked out across the back yard and then walked back up the other side.  Part way up the slope I looked back and it hit me – I had just walked the bottom half of a heart in the snow.


So I walked the top part to finish it off just for the fun of it.  The next day I walked the path again. Between the slope of the yard, a couple of bushes in the wrong darn places and the size of the heart I couldn’t get a good picture but I did what I could.


I was really hoping the the hubby would get home in the day light Friday (since it was supposed to snow that evening and all day Saturday) but no such luck.  By the time he did get home it was just past sunset but not yet pitch dark.  I told him I had a present for him and as soon as I headed out the back door darn if he didn’t guess exactly what I had done.  He grabbed a flashlight and headed out onto the little deck to check it out.  He loved it just like I knew the softie would.

HeartInSnowIt’s still the simple things that mean so much.

What did you for Valentine’s Day?


2 thoughts on “Cold Heart for Warm Love

  1. What a sweet gesture, and didn’t cost a cent. I know “Mr. Softie” loved it. B and I exchange valentines (his are always very sentimental and beautiful) then going to try out The Cheesecake Factory which opened at SW Plaza Mall recently. Yum! So glad to see a new posting from you. I’ve been waiting and waiting. Love to you all! T


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