If I’ve Got The Time

The age old dilemma of “If I’ve got the time I don’t have the money and when I have the money I don’t have the time” has been true so very much in my life.  I now realize that there’s a blogger’s version of this dilemma that’s also true.  If I have the time I don’t have the pictures and when I have the pictures I don’t have the time to blog with them.

I went over 2 weeks without posting a single blog.  I’ve been busy, it’s true.  But at least I’ve gathered a few pictures along the way.

I’ve spent a ton of hours looking for a new house – reviewing listings, driving around checking out the areas and looking at homes with our realtor.  We’ve found a couple of possibilities but now I’ve seen so many homes there’re starting to get all mixed up in my head.  I’ve resorted to spreadsheets and files of pictures to try and keep them straight.

I’ve done a bit of shopping.  After unpacking, I’m missing 2 things so far.  Unfortunately they’re both things I used a lot – my favorite little blender and my favorite yoga DVD.  I’m still hoping they’ll turn up when we move again so I’m making due without the blender but the hubby and I really need to start getting some exercise so we went looking for a new yoga DVD.

We checked out a store we’ve never been in before called “BAM”.  It’s a bookstore with the slogan “Books, Toys, Tech and More”.  I didn’t find a yoga DVD and I didn’t find much Tech of any kind.  I did find these really strange items.  Books are almost a thing of the past but records?  And these aren’t for us oldsters who actually remember them.  That pink record player is for kids.  Did I step back in time?

Last Wednesday was the hubby’s birthday.  This move has been hard on both of us but he even had to sell his big 4-wheel rock crawling truck.  4-wheeling has been his one true love (other than me of course) since he was old enough to drive, but there’s no place for him to play with it here, so we sold it in Colorado.  Hopefully this spring he can take the ATV out but in the meantime he had nothing to do for fun other than his online games.

So we got him a rock crawling remote control truck instead.  Of course driving down the driveway was too tame so he headed the poor thing straight into the deep snow and had it upside down in less than a minute.  At least he was having fun.  Now maybe I can spend some time on my crafts while he plays outside :).


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